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Through individualized counselling and psychotherapeutic support, I create trauma informed space for clients to identify and address dynamic interpersonal processes, often related to life stressors that clients cannot attend to on their own.



My goal is to create a safe space so partners are able to be vulnerable and safely communicate their unmet needs, their concerns and their deep emotions to one another. We will work together to learn to talk about the tough topics, while strengthening the relationship to be the loving partnership they most want.


Family Therapy

More than ever before, we are aware that family and community is central to wellness. We will work together to create space for healing and reconciallitaion in a meaningful way.


Group Therapy

Group therapy is a therapy modality where we mutually create a safe space to learn together and practice recovery strategies, build interpersonal skills, and reinforce and develop social support networks.

My Approach

I believe the therapeutic relationship is more important than any modality one can use. That said, I have a strong orientation toward solution focused brief therapy and cognitive behavioural
therapy. I believe in a trauma informed approach and have recently delved into polyvagal theory and nervous system co-regulation. All these approaches come naturally to me, as they are respectful, trauma informed, and strength based. I have an ability to build rapport quickly and fluidly throughout sessions. I appreciate people and the resources they bring to sessions, whether they are aware of the resources within them at first or not. I honour the opportunity to hold space for clients as they work through their thoughts and feelings. I present myself to clients as curious, interested and engaged. I believe that change occurs through catharsis, self-actualization, appropriate time and relationship i.e. therapeutic rapport.

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About me

As a clinician, I have worked in a number of different jurisdictions and clinical settings. I have lived and worked in 3 Canadian Provinces (Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick) and one Territory (Nunavut). I have a healthy awareness and knowledge of social issues facing Canadians; inclduing Anxiety and Depression, Substance Abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; disconnect from traditional parenting skills to name a few. I offer a client centered therapeutic treatment, with interventions that address several areas including, but not limited to life area planning, healthy thinking and cognitive restructuring, parenting skills, time management, relationship support and other relevant areas.

Getting Help

I believe in the importance of mental health services being tailored, adaptive and inclusive.  Programs and interventions delivered appropriately, respectfully and collaboratively can open pathways to possibilities for people and the communities in which they live. I am committed to working with people to assist them in living and realizing their best lives.  If you need help realizing your best life, please contact me. These are examles of some of the issues I can assist with.










Anger Management

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